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We use only natural raw materials
from nature. We
are supporters of sustainable thinking
and a healthy lifestyle

New product!

Coffee with 'Lion's Mane'

For subscribers, coffee with "Lion's Mane" powder is 20% cheaper.


We roast coffee

Brazil Deterra Monte Cristo coffee beans

I am cutting mushrooms

We grow mushrooms

"Lion's Mane" mushroom powder

Why choose us?

Natural ingredients

Suitable for vegans

We do not use preservatives

Be pridėtinio cukraus

Artificial flavor enhancers


When you buy GG products, you support the Sengirė Foundation

We allocate 2% profit from all sales

The treasures of nature from all over the world

Ragweed (bitter) grass

The freshest wormwood grass powder from Lithuanian meadows.

Shilajit Mumijo

Mineral-rich resin from the Himalayan mountains in India.

Spirulina powder

The world's cleanest spirulina from a California water farm.

Shopping according to benefits

The benefits of all GG products are based on data from scientific articles.

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Special offers

Save up to 20% when buying multiple products. Gift-wrapped sets are available.

Subscribing is convenient and cost-effective

Save up to 20% by subscribing and always have your favorite GG products.

free delivery

We ship orders over 35 EUR to post offices for free.

We can also deliver products to your door, your home or office address.

Statements based on science

All our product descriptions and skin claims are scientifically based.