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The mummy

Mumijo derva- kas tai?

What is Mumijo derva?

Mumijo resin Mummy is a mineral pitch or resin. It is known by many names in Western cultures. The most popular of them are mumie, moomiyo and mumijo, shilajit. Although...

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Mokslo žinios apie mumijų

Scientific knowledge about mummies

Application of Mumijo in the field of medicine‍ Mummy is a natural material found in the mountains, formed over centuries as microorganisms help the gradual decomposition of certain plants. It...

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Mumijo nauda žmogaus kūnui

Mumijo benefits the human body

How does our food affect your body? Mummy is a substance full of benefits for the human body. The combination of organic trace elements, humic and fulvic acids, plant antioxidants...

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Mumijo nauda sveikatai

Mumijo benefits health

Supports fertility Mummy is known to support male fertility. Research shows that if taken twice a day for 90 days, it can help a man with fertility problems. According to...

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Gryno mumijo maistingumas

The purity of shilajit

Ingredients of 'NordLab mumijo' Mummy is a long-formulating natural mountain rock pitch that contains fulvic and humic acids and a host of minerals beneficial for excellent health. Fulvic acid is...

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Pelyno (karčiųjų kiečių) žolės naudos moksle

Scientific Uses of Wormwood Herbs

OF WORMS AND PARASITES (Artemisia absinthium) can be useful in controlling the small tapeworm Hymenolepis nana. The study found that Artemisia absinthium caused worm paralysis, death and ultrastructural changes...



Beržo grybo(čaga) istorija

History of the Birch Polypore Mushroom

The History of Mushroom Picking The black birch mushroom (Inonotus obliquus), called the "gift of God" or the "king of medicinal mushrooms," has been valued for thousands of years in...

Lion's Mane

Lion's mane, vagus nerve, choline

Lion's mane, vagus nerve, choline

Lion's mane mushroom has been used in alternative medicine since ancient times and is considered an amazing superfood that improves mental performance while also helping to create a healthy microbiota...

Kava su Lion's Mane

Coffee with Lion's Mane

How many people in your environment do you know who do not drink coffee? At all. Most of us drink coffee every day, we start our day with a cup...