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Scientific knowledge about mummies

Mokslo žinios apie mumijų

Application of Mumijo in the field of medicine

Mummy is a natural material found in the mountains, formed over centuries as microorganisms help the gradual decomposition of certain plants. It is a powerful and very safe food supplement that restores energy balance and can prevent diseases. Recent research shows interesting medical applications in the control of cognitive impairments associated with aging and cognitive stimulation.

Fulvic acid, the main active compound, blocks the self-aggregation of the tau protein, paving the way for Alzheimer's therapy research. Basically, it is a nutritious product with proven benefits for human health. Given the anticipated impact of mummy consumption in the medical field, especially in the neurosciences, more research at the basic biological level and clinical trials are needed to understand how the organic molecules of mummy, and especially fulvic acid, work both at the cellular level and throughout the body.