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What is Mumijo derva?

Mumijo derva- kas tai?

Mumijo resin

Mummy is a mineral pitch or resin. It is known by many names in Western cultures. The most popular of them are mumie, moomiyo and mumijo, shilajit. Although the healing properties of the mummy are well known in Eastern civilizations, its popularity in the Western world has grown tremendously over the past few decades.

How to recognize high-quality mummy?

Mummy is sold as a dietary supplement. It is also regularly used in food production as an additive. Its quality can vary greatly. How do we know we are getting a high quality product?

Main quality mark - source

Mummy is a rare resource that is not easy to find. True, 100% resin can only be obtained from rocks that contain a substance called mineral pitch. These rocks accumulate organic matter, including amino acid bases, from high mountain plants, most of which are medicinal and adaptogenic.

A unique combination of factors must be present to produce a mummy with beneficial properties. Together, these components are humified or fermented, a natural process that produces mineral pitch.

Environmental factors such as air pressure, temperature, solar radiation, and extreme temperature changes must be right for a mummy to have healing properties. The pitch must also be mature enough to produce the optimal amount of beneficial nutrients. These processes can last at least 40 years. When conditions are ideal, mummy resin is formed. This is the only source of genuine, high quality and natural mummy.

Most commercial brands only source mummies from sedimentary rock, which is very different from mummy rock. It contains only mummy rock remains, from which very low concentrations of minerals can be extracted. Of course, this results in low quality of the final product.


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