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Mumijo benefits the human body

Mumijo nauda žmogaus kūnui

How does our food affect your body?

Mummy is a substance full of benefits for the human body. The combination of organic trace elements, humic and fulvic acids, plant antioxidants and many other beneficial organic acids sets it apart from other superfoods. Mummy is one of the strongest naturally harvested sources of fulvic and humic acids available for human consumption.
Increasing biological accessibility

Not only is mummy rich in nutrients, some of them, such as fulvic acid, improve the absorption (bioavailability) of other nutrients you consume. So consuming mummy can be a good way to benefit from other nutrients you consume! This is useful given the modern problems of soil depletion and reduced food availability compared to as recently as 50 years ago. Therefore, mummy can help your body and health as it is one of the richest natural sources of fulvic and humic acid.