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Freshly roasted decaffeinated coffee with Lion's Mane

Freshly roasted Brazilian coffee without caffeine with Lithuanian dried and specially processed "Lion's Mane" mushroom powder.

2% of the profit is devoted to the preservation of old forests

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About Swiss Water Decaf Brazil coffee

Tasting notes:
Chocolate, nutty, mild


Height of growth:
850-1250 above sea level

Arabica 100%


Processing method:

Swiss Water

Swiss Water Processing (SWP) is a patented method to remove the caffeine from the beans without chemicals, preserving their original properties as much as possible.
This treatment removes 99.9% of caffeine.

About Lion's Mane mushroom powder

Mushroom powder is produced by "superfine grinding", when the particles are measured in microns. In the vacuum grinding process, a water-based extract of the same mushroom is used, so the effectiveness of the resulting mushroom powder is very high.

Read the article about Lion's Mane .


Freshly roasted and ground coffee without caffeine 229g
Dried "Lion's Mane" (Hericium erinaceus) mushroom powder from an organic EU farm 21g

How to use?

When brewing in a cup, we recommend pouring 12g of coffee with "Lion's Mane" into 200ml of 92-96°C water. Wait 4 minutes, mix and enjoy.

When preparing with a French press coffee maker, we recommend a ratio of 1:12 of coffee with "Lion's Mane" and water.

Freshly roasted decaffeinated coffee with Lion's Mane


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